Here at Dragon and Garuda Yoga we offer energy healing from a few different lineages of Reiki. We are primarily influenced by the Buddhist and Daoist energy models and theory learned in our Hebei Xingyiquan and Jiang Baguazhang neigong and qigong learning. Reiki’s three primary guides are Amida Buddha, Kannon Bodhisattva, and Seishi Bodhisattva.

Our Hirai training primarily descends from Tim White and Ray Carbullido with assistance from Michael Goddard. Our modern sources of Reiki are informed by William Lee Rand’s Usui Tibetan and Karuna branches as well as Shamanic Reiki. Intuitive practices such as Brett Bevell‘s Psychic Reiki and Yolanda Williams’ Intuitive Reiki are also being researched.

Our Offerings

Reiki Distance Healing – $30 for a 30 minute guided meditation and distance healing session.

Reiki Mobile Sesssion – $90 for a 90 minute session where our Reiki practitioner comes to your home and provides hands-on energy healing as well as environment clearing.

Reiki Level 1 Class – $150 for receiving the Usui Reiki Level 1 attunement as well as learning hands-on energy healing practices informed by Buddhist and Daoist theory. You will also learn our basic qigong practice for beginners to cultivate their 3 Dantians.

Reiki Level 2 Class – Creating a healer in every home is the primary purpose of Reiki. After working on yourself, you may now work on others – even from a distance. Receive the Usui Reiki Level 2 attunement, learn the Level 2 symbols, mantras, and deeper meditations for self healing and healing others.

Reiki Attunement Refresh – This service is for anyone wishing to reconnect more deeply to their practice of Reiki. If you have already received a Reiki Level 2 attunement or higher this will reinvigorate your connection to the symbols and your life’s purpose.

History of Reiki

Founded in the 1920s by Usui Mikao – Reiki is often translated as universal or spiritual life energy. The etymology of the characters is reminiscent of female shamans performing rituals to bring blessings from heaven in the form of ki or qi in Chinese. Many cultures have traditions of hands on healing and spiritual energetic healing.

Usui was influenced by the culture of his time and his system of Reiki was influenced by Mikkyo practices of Daoism, Shingon Buddhism, Shinto native Japanese spirituality, Shugendo mountain ascetics, Tendai Buddhism, and shinshukyo or the New Religions of Japan.

Hayashi’s Students – East and West

The art of Reiki, as far as number of practitioners, primarily descends from Chujiro Hayashi. Dr. Hayashi was a Japanese naval officer who held a Western MD. From him come the lines of Jikiden and Takata Reiki – one Eastern, the other Western. Often the latter, Takata line of Reiki focuses on healing others as a solo or adjunct practice and the former, Jikiden side will teach one how to cultivate oneself through the practice. Some may say that the Jikiden side only provides Japanese terms to the practice as its advantage. Here at Dragon and Garuda Yoga seeing things from a few sides of Reiki we feel it is much deeper than that.

Other Branches

Whenever there are two people there are politics. Hyakuten Inamoto, founded his own syncretic branch of Reiki called Komyo Reiki based on his experience with Japanese and Western Reiki branches. Many are familiar with the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai through the efforts of Hiroshi Doi who founded his own school from different Reiki influences called the Gendai Ho Reiki.

Our branch of Reiki is primarily from the Hirai Reiki lineage that is highly influenced by the Shingon Mikkyo teachings of Hirai Sensei. These Shingon links have informed our influences from branches of Nyingma Tibetan Vajrayana, Tangmi Buddhism, and Daoist theory. Did you know the Dalai Lama is considered an incarnation of the 1,000 Armed Chenrezig also known as Senju Kannon?

Our martial arts guide is also a Bodhisattva called Hufa Wei Tuo Zuntian Pusa or Idaten in Japanese. The Golden Light Sutra is probably the origin of some of the Reiki symbols. The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol represents our personal drum scroll and the Dai Ko Myo the universal drum soul. Dai Ko Myo is present in other spiritual disciplines such as Johrei. Our other influences include external energy transmission or Wai Qi Liao Fa from our various Daoist lineages including Jingjiao, Lingbao, Longmen Pai, Shangqing, and Zhengyi.

Attunement for the Whole World

The Dalai Lama is under unique pressure – he is not only a spiritual leader but a political one as well for an ethnic group that is largely disseminated throughout the world, fleeing the persecution of the Chinese government. China is using the Tibetan Plateau for weather modification using cloud seeding with silver particle laced smoke. They will undoubtedly attempt to assign a successor for the next leader of the Nyingma branch. If you are interested in deepening your connection to the roots of Reiki – this is the initiation for the 1,000 Armed form of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.