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The revolutionary internal martial art of Da Cheng Quan is a combination of Wang Xiangzhai’s experiences training multiple Chinese martial arts and fighting many challengers. The primary training method is zhan zhuang – a form of standing meditation that builds fine body control, structure, and awareness. The art of Da Cheng Quan translates to Great Achievement Fist but it is also commonly called Yiquan. Yiquan means Intention Fist and is descriptive of how one use’s the mind to fill the body and move naturally with power.

Roots in Xingyiquan

Wang Xiangzhai was a Hebei Xingyiquan student of Guo Yunshen in his childhood and learned the deeper aspects of researching intent through standing meditation. He learned the wider system of Xingyiquan and then went to take on challengers all around China. He was known to have lost fights to a Liuhebafa master Wu Yihui as well as two others – a White Crane and Xinyi Liuhe Quan master.

Evolution in Learning

We have researched other branches of similar influence and can highly recommend Alex Kozma’s Chinese Internal Martial Arts Foundation Course. These key aspects of research have been incredibly useful. Seeing another line of neijiaquan from Li Cunyi and Zhang Zhaodong has been very informative. Mark Cohen‘s Inside Zhan Zhuang was quite informative in placing Han Family Yiquan practices into context.

Our Teachings

Our Yiquan training is primarily influenced by the standing meditation from Kenny Gong’s Xingyiquan as taught by Lloyd Day. Our zhan zhuang practice not only utilizes stances from Jiang Baguazhang but also from Gerald Sharp’s Xingyi Power videos. Some of what was learned from distance courses has been incorporated into how Xingyiquan and Baguazhang are taught here at Dragon and Garuda Yoga.

We feel the Kenny Gong style of Xingyiquan and Yiquan as taught by Gerald Sharp are entirely compatible with each other. In our opinion, Yiquan should be taught to students during and after the Wuxing but before learning Baguazhang. We hope to see you at our next class – standing still with full awareness and intent.